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DeLex Realty has one Mission “Make Agents More Money”. As a customer of Delex you may read that statement and think “How does that positively effect me?”. The leadership team with DeLex have BILLIONS of dollars of real estate sales experience. One thing remains the same through all of those sales. Real Estate Agents are critical for Pricing a home, advertising a home, negotiating the best terms for their client, contracts, transfer of title correctly, qualifying, disclosure, appraisal guidance, inspection notices, home warranty options, etc.

What we have found is the agents making the most amount of money typically have become great at those things. So we have simplified our mission to help agents achieve the highest financial results so our CUSTOMERS (You) receive the best service possible in a stressful transaction.
Think of it like this, when you need surgery do you want the best doctors performing the surgery? Our brokerage is designed help the best agents so you can trust our brand for the best service. We put our effort into making our agents the best. Our customers get the best experience.